God's Sword of Truth - The Word

An Introduction to the False Prophet:
The Pope or Bishop of Rome

By The Holy Spirit's Disciple, Raymond Laginess

"So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman(catholic church)sit upon a scarlet-colored beast (catholic nations),
full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. (4) And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color
(Pope), and
decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication;
and (5) upon her forehead was a name written MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS
AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. (9) And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads
are seven mountains (Rome), on which the woman sitteth."
Revelations 17:3-5 & 9

The Pope of Rome is known as the divine authority of the Catholic religion and the Vicar of Christ (a title given by himself). He also claims infallibility, which came later in history. The adopted language of the papacy is Latin which came from Roman times of the Greeks and the different Caesar's, which were the rulers of Rome at the time.

The Popes believe that they gave the bible to the world, the one which has their doctrines and laws in it and which was written by their Popes, Cardinals and Councils. It is said that they have had 21 councils (see Catholic Transcript, 10/07/83, pg. 5) and every Pope must sign the laws derived from these councils in order to become Pope. These documents are their faith and belief (dogma) and it is not of God's Word (KJV 1611). If a member does not heed these laws, he is excommunicated, cut off from their Lord-God, their god is antichrist.

The following is a historical summary from past Popes and the papacy. There is no evidence or truth that any Pope came from the Apostle Peter, who was of Jewish lineage. Peter or Petros (Cephas) means stone and not rock, as the Catholics believe. There is no biblical or historical proof that the Apostle Peter was a Pope or that any Pope ever came from him. There is no line of succession, not even according to Catholic records. By their own record they have added and taken away from their own list, even on a woman Pope in the 13th century. All throughout history, their credibility has been false and so is their religion.

The Popes are like the Nicolaitanes, having a Jezebel belief, believing in a man's religion and obtaining salvation by laws and works, trying to control the world and all of its governments and mankind by fear of hell. This is wrong! This religion is guilty by their deeds according to their own facts and history, so let the evidence speak and let history judge them. There are many books on the subject through the past hundreds of years. The Catholic Church is mentioned in Revelations 17:5 as MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS.

Much has been written about the Popes and anti-popes by the Catholics themselves. The following facts can be checked out in any library. Their bread god (Eucharist) of the pagan mass was westernized in 492 AD by Gelasius I (492-96) Bishop of Rome.

Pope Benedict XV (1914-22) was one who gave blessings which ended as a death message…read the Sinn Fein Documents of 1921. If the world knew what the many Popes have done throughout history….it would make Hitler look like a Catholic saint. Popes have been giving blessings to rebels for centuries. Check out the TV and news articles during the present Pope, John Paul II's visit to Havana, Cuba (January 22, 1998). He blessed the rebels and killers of many people. Next thing you know, Castro will be a saint.

Catholics are not true Christians but antichrist, and so is anyone who allies with them as the Word states (Revelations 17:1-5). Catholicism is a false religion and does the work of Satan. It has a secret service, a group of men, to keep all their enemies at bay and have them killed. This group is called the "Jesuit", and their leader or head of the society is called the "the black Pope". The Jesuits do whatever is necessary to hide the truth and what they do is evil. Take the Reformation for example, which is the killing of other Popes who did not go along with the system of Rome. The Jesuits have killed Kings, Heads of governments and other religious heads or holy men. They want to control historical records of countries, calendars and all people in high places. During the 1886 to 1903 period of time, Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) sanctioned a plan to kill Queen Elizabeth. However, this plan never came to fruition.

Britain, at one time, recognized the Pope of Rome as a King, which went against all the laws and rules of the English Parliament at which time the English people protested.

Pope Benedict XV (1914-22) was a good Catholic Pope and did the work of the Jesuit well. Bear in mind, any priest who has a S.J. after his name is a member of The Society of Jesus, which is antichrist.

Why am I picking on Catholics and Jesuits? Well, I was a Catholic, born and raised and trained by Jesuits (at times) in religious houses. I was a Holy Cross Brother, but, not for long though, thank the Lord. I am their enemy, I warn people about them.

The Catholic Church is called THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS in Revelations 17:5 and like the serpent, is deadly, poisonous and sly, and is in a league with Satan, the father of lies. Pope Martin the V (1417-31), commanded the King of Poland to exterminate the Hussites in 1429. The Pope offered the "remission of all sins" to anyone who would slay a Heretic (Waldenses people). Pope Benedict the XV (1914-22), gave the Irish rebels (Catholics) an apostolic blessing. Pope Gregory the XIII (1572-85) in 1580 and Pope Sixtus V (1585-90) in 1585 both were enemies of Britain, and they used Irish priests as spies and the Spanish priests were used as spies in Germany. Read about it in the Sinn Fein Documents, period of time (1915). The Popes were so bad, they were even refused a seat on the Peace Council in 1915. Britain knew that the Pope and the Jesuits were plotting against them and their government. Again, the Pope was refused a seat on the Peace Council at Versailles in 1919. Do you get the picture?

Three Jesuits, Charles Joseph Crainfield arrested for spying, Keyso Tazawa and Rev. Michael Doly, also involved in spying, had military information on British ship movements. A Spanish priest was involved in spying for Germany and gave the U-boats information on British ship movements. The Jesuits were known to have a wireless and they used it for U-boats information. There were Irish Jesuits in Australia in 1933 who were controlled by the Ireland Archbishop in Mannix, who were charged as traitors.

The Canadian Jesuits were also involved in a plot that spied for Rome in 1917. An Australian Archbishop, Archbishop Kelly, and the Bishop of Sydney. in 1919, were spies for Rome. The Bishop of Sydney spoke on the 23rd of March, 1919, and said, "I do not mind the blood, I do not mind the Revolution, so long as we get what we wish to accomplish for Rome". In other words, the end justifies the means.

The plot of Pope Gregory XIII (1572-85) to invade England in 1580 did not come to pass, the King and the Grand Duke of Tuscany and the Venetian state papers, pg. 650-651 tell it all. Another plot of the Jesuits was against the English Queen, Elizabeth by Parsons and Campion, and a Bishop Gega of Madrid. Also involved was a Cardinal of Como, this event also did not transpire. Many other Cardinals and Jesuits were challenged in open debate by the government of England over their spy activity, but the Catholic Church refused any meeting. Among many others; a priest, Hugh Pope, Cardinal Bourne, Jesuits Hilire and Belloc, priests Woodloch, Thurston, Martindale and Walker with a Rev. Bernard Grimley who was a Catholic lecturer, all refused to meet or even talk about their activities. They answer only to the Pope. What were they afraid of?

Pope Pius XI (Achille Ratti, 1857-1939), who canonized two men, one of which was known as Bishop John Fisher who spied for Spain against England, and England later sent proof of this in writing on January 30, 1935 to Pope Pius XI, but the Pope canonized Bishop Fisher anyway.

Pope Benedict XV (1914-22) plotted against King George the Fifth in 1916 and also plotted against England because of the King and Queen's faith.

Even the Popes of Rome themselves are confused about the true number of Popes since they first started calling themselves by that title. They admit that there are anti-popes and bad Popes and even list them in their bible. They can't even prove or verify who the Popes were from 366 to 384 AD. However, Catholic records do indicate that the first Pope was called Damasus I, later canonized St. Damasus I (366-84). While at the same period of time another Pope ruled, they call him antipope: Ursinus, (366-67). The number of Popes counted (many times) in 1947 was from 258 to either 261 or 262. The Vatican removed 74 names from the list (six were saints and were canceled).

The Sunday Visitor (Nihil Abstat), a Catholic newspaper in 1938 listed 261 Popes and in 1950 they listed 262. In1947, the Vatican stated Pope Donus (676-78) never existed. Many prayed to this Pope and said they got answers from him. Now from whom did they get these answers if he didn't exist? In 1957, a well-known Cardinal, Francis Spellman, under Liborum Imprimatur in New York City listed 258 Popes from the Apostle Peter. On January 18, 1947, the Vatican dropped six more Pope names from their list. The Catholic Encyclopedia lists 265 Popes, as of the year 2001. Their Peter, the rock, had some cracks in it. Their religion is like their counting, phony and inaccurate. How can they say they are from Jesus? They are of Satan and the antichrist.

Malachi Martin, now deceased, was a Jesuit spy. He was not what he said he was, but instead, this man was a Catholic dupe, a Jesuit in sheep's clothing. Note: Once a Jesuit, always a Jesuit. Jesuits can not leave their organization, they signed an oath in blood. They don't leave, ever, and if they try, they die. Hitler even modeled his SS after the Jesuits. Billy Graham, like Malachi Martin, is also a Catholic dupe and agent of the Pope. Billy Graham encourages unscriptural compromise, and is used by Satan. Therefore, "Ye shall know them by their fruits...." - Matt.7:16. He has yet to repent of his adultery with Babylon the Great - the Catholic church. He continues to send those "who come forward" at his crusades back to their Catholic communities. Malachi Martin and Billy Graham have both been special friends of Pope John Paul II. How can two spirits walk together as one? They both claimed that they disagree in doctrine, however, I don't think so.

Watch out for Jesuit Mitch Pacwa, a professor at Loyola University in Chicago, and his New Age movement of today. It's another ploy of Rome, wanting people to believe they're against the New Age movement, but they are not! It's a control thing. Also, watch out for the NEW WORLD ORDER, the Pope of Rome is part of it. The Smart Cards and the Cashless Society is here and very much a part of the 666 / New World Order. The "birth pangs" have begun!

Another lie, the Roman Catholic church believes in Evolution. They do not believe in the Genesis account (see Catholic encyclopedia, 1967, Volume 5, pg.689).

Getting back to the history of the Popes - In 1943, Pope Pius XII wrote "DIVINO AFFLANTE SPIRITU". It was a prayer for the victory of Hitler in Russia.

The Council of Nicaea, 787, and the Council of Trent, 1546 and 1564, put a curse on all Jews, Baptists, Protestants, Mohammadans, Buddhists, etc. In the twentieth century, Popes Pius XI (1922-39), Pius XII (1939-58), and Pope John XXIII (1958-63), along with Popes Paul VI (1963-78), and John Paul II (1978----) all concurred that no one can be Pope unless they swear allegiance to the council's decrees (see Council of Trent). Many heads of government, men who gave the Pope authority, or anyone who received a blessing from any Pope, either died or lost office within a year. One of these men was Edward Gierehe, (Lech Walesa). At the same time he was visiting the Philippines in February of 1980, a bad typhoon struck. Other notables include: President Anwar Sadat, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. In Portugal, the Premier D. Salazar died shortly after the Popes visit and blessing to him. The Pope's blessing is a curse of death (there are many such events not listed in this article but can easily be checked at your local library). Those who lost their political positions were: Prime Minister M. Ohira, President Jimmy Carter, Kaisier Wilhelm and the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico. The Pope blessed Maximilian's wife, Empress Carlotta, in September of 1866 when she visited Pope Pius IX in an attempt to gain assistance from the Catholic church and was said to have completely lost her mind, gone mad and died in exile, and her husband, Emperor Maximilian, was executed by firing squad at the Cerro de las Campanas "hill of the bells", located near the outskirts of Queretaro. Also, whenever the Pope kisses the ground, or plain dirt, he claims it for Rome, and for Satan. It's also interesting to note that Catholics do not like to be told anything or warned. They call it hateful and evil when you tell them the truth. They think they are the only Christians in the world from Peter, whom they believe to be the 1st Pope, but we know that he was not the 1st Pope, he was Jewish and of Christ. The Catholics believe that what they say and teach is gospel, because the Pope said so. Just take a look at their past and present record. Judge their fruits! What do their fruits say? Believe me, there are going to be a lot of shocked Catholic members at the White Throne Judgment in the end because the Lord will say to them "I never knew you" (Read Matt. 7:21-23, and 25:12).

Someone once told me I was too judgmental of the Catholics. Well, if I am its because I have first hand information that their doctrine is false. I was born and raised a Catholic with a knowledge of their history, having been trained by them. Eventually, I came out of the Catholic religion, the Lord having opened my eyes to the truth by showing me the heresy of their teachings. I am now a Born Again Christian, thank the Lord. I wonder if others who are brain washed in a Catholic bread god will ever find the truth through Jesus by the Holy Spirit, and not in religion? They could, it's not impossible, as I'm an example of such. Let it be known that I've killed no one, and, I forgive all, but can a Catholic say the same? By their fruits you shall know them!

Below I have included an article taken from the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper on January 11, 1998 as an example of how fluctuating, changeable and falsely accusing the Catholics system is.

VATICAN CITY - the Vatican announced Saturday it will allow scholars to examine more files that recount heresy cases, including some files on the Inquisition, and the banning of books.

The Rev. Ciro Benedettini, a Vatican spokesman, said scholars will have the opportunity to look at newly accessible files that date back about four centuries and extend to 1902.

Whether scholars will be given access to documentation on illustrious cases such as the persecution of Italian Scientist Galileo Galilei is not known.

An Inquisition court condemned Galileo in 1633 for his contention that the Earth was not the center of the universe, as Roman Catholic Church teaching then held.

Galileo was accused of heresy and forced to renounce his finding. In 1992, after 13 years of study by the Vatican, Pope John Paul II declared the church was wrong to condemn him.

Pope John Paul II states "outside the Catholic Church, there is no salvation". Pope Innocent III (1198-1216), Fourth Lateran Council, 1215 also said "There is but one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all can be saved", and Pope Boniface VIII, the Bull Unam Sanctam, 1302 said: "We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff". My, they believe you must be Catholic and a member or you are a heretic and lost to hell. Is that judgmental or what? The Catholics are the true heretics.

Pope Innocent III (1198-1216), in 1198, started calling himself "The Vicar (meaning substitute) of Christ on Earth" because he ruled the world (reference J.N.D. Kelly, an Anglican Priest, principal of Oxford). He was also the head of the commission on Roman Catholic relations. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol.XV, states: "the title Vicar of Christ is more expressive of his supreme headship of the Church on earth, which he bears in virtue of the commission of Christ and with vicarial power derived from Him." Since when did Christ ever say that a man (Pope) will have "supreme headship of the Church on earth"? NEVER!!!! The Catholic church claims that Peter was the bishop of the church at Rome and that he held the position as the first Pope. NEVER!!! The Bible testifies against this: When Paul wrote his last letter from Rome (2nd Epistle to Timothy), we see that in 2 Tim. 4:16, he said: "Only Luke is with me." Now, if Peter were Bishop of Rome he would be guilty of having forsaken the apostle Paul. It's possible Peter visited Rome, but biblical record testifies conclusively that Peter was NOT the Bishop of the church of Rome. Peter, was married (Matt.8:14), and popes cannot marry. Peter taught that Jesus Christ is the rock upon which the church is founded (I Peter 2:4-8), but the popes say that Peter was the rock. Peter taught that men are "born again by the Word of God" (I Peter 1:23), but the popes say that men are born again through baptism. Which will you believe...., what the popes say, or what the Word of God says?

Another Pope who did not exist was John XXI in 1276. There was a Pope Sergius the third (904-911) who seized the papacy throne by force of arms. Pope Sergius had two former Popes killed while they were in jail, then his illegitimate son became Pope and was called John XI (931-35) (he was 21 years old at the time). Clement VI (1342-52) in 1342 was a sexist. Alexander VI (1492-1503) in 1492 won his election to the papacy by a phony election and bribery. This was the era of Caesar and Lucrezia Borgia.

Enter Pius XII (1939-1958). In 1939, Hitler's Pope takes over World War II. This Pope kept quiet about the evil of this war. He became an ally of Germany and their politics because it fit in with his plans at that time. The next Pope in line followed the same plan, in quietness of course. There's no question in history about this crime. They helped hide Germans high in the Catholic system. They were hid in the Vatican, monasteries and religious houses or "safe houses". The Popes could not hide this because there was so much news in the papers about it.

As of 2001, a panel of Catholic and Jewish scholars are examining Vatican documents due to the questions that remain about Pope Pius XII's role in World War II. They said there is a need to continue examining the documents because there are questions which have not been answered. Pope Pius XII has been criticized by the media and by many scholars for not speaking out against the Holocaust during the Second World War.

Clericis Laicos, in 1926, forbade Kings from taxing any clergy of the church. Interesting to note is the Unam Sanctum of 1302, which states that every man is subject to Rome. In 1377, Pope Gregory XI (1370-1378) moves the papacy from Avigon to Rome. It was a political move for more power. Urban VI (1378-89), an Italian, is elected Pope in 1378, by popular demand. The French Cardinals ruled the election invalid and instead elected a French man named Pope Clement the VII (1378-94) who ruled from France (the Avignon Line). From then on, each Pope excommunicated each other and started calling each other "antipope". They state to the world, each is a lost soul to the other, confusing other Catholic members who do not know for sure which Pope is the right Pope and which Pope came from Peter (who according to the Word of God was never a Pope). This period of history is called the great Schism (or split), 1378-1417, which I think still exists to this day, the mystery continues. In 1409, both camps of Cardinals come together, meet at the Council of PISA and dispose of both reigning Popes and elect Alexander V (1409-10). Now, Rome has three current Popes, and even though the other two do not resign, they still say they are successors from the Apostle Peter. Who was the real Pope? In 1417, the Council of Constance dissolves all three unanimously and elects Pope Martin V (1417-31). Now there are FOUR POPES AT ONE TIME. As the papacy suffered irreparable loss, who attends to all the lost souls, and again, which Pope is supposedly the progeny of Peter?

The Habsburg Empire leads to the Renaissance period. A form of pagan, false practice, and false religion of men, era. Many strange doctrines again get introduced into the Catholic beliefs. Alexander VI ( 1491-1503) in 1492 enters in with the Borgia family who lead corrupt lives of the world. After this period, the world is now ready for the reformation.

It's now 1511, and a German monk named Martin Luther (a Catholic) comes to Rome and is appalled to find the corruption and vice he sees going on. He states, "If there's a hell, Rome and the Vatican are built over it". He sees many forms of paganism; Rome selling indulgences, metals/awards, pictures and holy water....anything to make money, even ways to get to heaven free. It's part of history, check it out at the library.

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nails his document on the door of the church at Wittenberg, Germany, which starts the Protestant Reformation period. Martin Luther is excommunicated (In 1997 his excommunication was reversed, the Pope made a mistake). Luther now becomes a saint by the Pope, this is to appease the Protestants who are returning to Rome (the two churches, Catholic and Lutheran, believing together, as one holy catholic church). The Satan apostasy has gathered in this end time and no one will change it. The events of the Catholics, from their inception to the present day, were predicted both verbally and written in the Word.

After the Habsburg Empire, we get the Napoleon and the Pope era. Calvinism enters the scene around 1618. We have the Thirty-Year War, the Catholics against the Protestants fighting for power in the world. "Supposed" christians fighting for the Lord in a real non-brotherly love fashion. The French Bourbons, Austrians and Spanish Habsburgs fight for power in Europe. Attila the Hun was a peacemaker compared to these guys. These religions fought until 1648, when a false peace comes to pass. It was at this time Voltaire states "Rome and the papacy is neither holy nor Roman as it thinks it is". In this period, only their self-made titles remained. France takes over in power in Europe under King Louis XIV in 1661. There are many problems during his reign. The Spanish succession in 1701, Prussia (Holenzollerns) rule takes over. In 1740, Fredrick the Second comes to power. He is known as Fredrick the Great. There was another war going on at this time, a seven-year war in 1756. The Prussian King became Emperor of a united Germany. In the year 1789 in July, the French Revolution takes place. Now Napoleon enters the scene, he is 26 years old. In 1801, Napoleon makes peace with Rome and the Pope (Pius VII - 1800-1823). The Catholic religion is now France's religion. Napoleon summons the Pope and his Cardinals for a Catholic coronation at Notre Dame Cathedral to crown Napoleon, King of France. When the event starts, everyone watches as Napoleon walks up to the Pope and takes the crown from him. Napoleon then turns his back on the Pontiff, faces the crowd of people, and crowns himself King and then he crowns his wife as Queen. He is 34 years of age. Shocked in front of all, the Pope blesses Him. In 1806, Napoleon dissolves the (Holy) Roman Empire government because he wants to control the united Europe himself as a Caesar. He didn't last long after the Pope's blessing. He met the start of his end at Waterloo in Belgium.  He abdicated in 1814.

The Roman Empire had ended and the Second Reich (German Empire) was formed. Now, enter in the Second Reich, also joining is the house of Savoy, (which ruled until June 1946, when Italy became a republic) and his Pope. Then enters Bismarck and Franco, and the Franco-Prussian War (France declares war on Prussia (July 19, 1870). Enter again, in 1869, Pope Pius IX (1846-78) and the First Vatican Council, the 20th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic church, best known for its decree affirming the doctrine of papal Infallibility. The Pope of Rome is declared INFALLIBLE in spiritual matters (in all things he puts his mind to) - (Also read Catechism of the Catholic Church, Liquori Publications, 1994, p.235 regarding infalliblity of Pope). The curtain now closes on the Second Reich (November 9, 1918 when Germany was declared a republic) and in comes the Third Reich after an armistice was signed in 1918. Old Germany is no more. Rome is now back in good political graces with the world. Italy moves to gain world power under Fascist Benito Mussolini who takes power and needs Papal recognition, so he invites the Catholics in. He gives them land (the Vatican area), lots of money and gives the Pope power over temporal matters. The Pope gives him a blessing for war.

Mussolini and Hitler, along with Franco, enter into an agreement and become the axis power in Europe. The axis has power and a Pope behind them. The Catholic religion is named as their religion. This became the era of "silence of the Popes". Pope Pius XI is their ally and signs the Lateran Treaty, common designation for three agreements made in 1929 between the kingdom of Italy and the papacy, which settled the question of the relationship between Italy and the Holy See. Also agreed on were a concordat establishing Roman Catholicism as the religion of Italy and a financial arrangement awarding money to the Holy See in settlement of all its claims against Italy arising from the loss of temporal power in 1870 (In 1984 a revised treaty was signed that, among other things, ended the church's status as the state-supported religion of Italy). Further reading in Encarta Encyclopedia.

Pope Pius XII was a friend of Fascist and Nazi forms of government, and so were all the Jesuits. They all had a hand in the Jewish question of Genocide when the allies of America won World War II. The Pope had to do some backside covering with lies. The Jesuits kept out of sight for awhile until one Jesuit Pope on trial at Nuremburg, Germany, hung himself in a jail cell the day before his trial. It's interesting to note that his hands were tied behind his back. They shall answer to the Lord in heaven for all that they have done here on earth. Nothing shall be hid. There will be no darkness.

Look up the word Ustashi. Watch out for Dominicans and Franciscans. They are allies of the Black Pope. Read Revelations 18:4-8, it specifically talks about the Catholic. All Catholics are brainwashed. Whatever you do, have no part or fellowship with them. Come out from them! Walk in light and in Christ by the power of His spirit.

Check out the present Middle East Crisis. Rome has her nose in this and is the silent manipulator behind this Crisis. An Agreement was signed at the Vatican by the Pope and Yasser Arafat on February 15, 2000, even before all the violence began. The Vatican has committed itself to assist the Palestinians just as it did with Hitler when assisting him in condemning the Jew. Once again, the Vatican achieves its tradition of political opportunism. I wonder if there will be more apologies coming from the Vatican as the killing continues.

Let's review, or recap, what history has revealed about the Catholic religion and the Popes of Rome: they are; murderers, spies, control freaks, liars, power mongers, in league with the Devil, gives blessings to killers, worship pagans & idols, teach the law (mix law and grace), claim infallibility, canonize spies, kill their own, fluctuate, inconsistent and falsely accusing, bestowing cursed blessings, kisses the dirt (land) and claims it, sanctions war, gets involved and takes sides against countries for political gain, sells false salvation, greedy, forms alliances with killers, corrupt, unremorseful and sexists.

I'm a watchman calling out a warning saying, "He is coming"! All will give an account - "So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God." - Romans 14:12. Soon, Satan will be kicked out of heaven and he will be coming down to earth to seek and destroy souls. Catholics, like the Jew, are blind to the truth and shall die as they have lived, spiritually dead and lost forever.

There you have it all. . . Only you can make the decision as to which side you want to believe, the Catholic tradition of men and their Pope, "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ."(Col.2:8)or the Word of God, the King James-Authorized Version-Bible!

All scripture based on the King James Authorized Version or 1611 Bible, New Testament only, otherwise known as THE WORD.  All Old Testament scriptural references used in this article is Jewish History, not canonical, and is used as additional references.